Privacy statement & Cookies     © Copyright 2018 FloatingTidalPower.        All rights reserved.    Sitemap Website MD             Total size 188m lang x 40 m br. X28 m h. FTP1 Ready for use Low production costs High yield Long lifespan The various designs are available as complete sets. Testing passed. cross section 75 cm Ø See left photo. cross section 85 cm.Ø  See right picture. Good flow strength (2.5 m / sec9.5 kilometers per hour) has the French coast, Channel Islands, south and west England and of course Scotland. Screw diameter 85 cm in water with 5kw 220volt generator. Average 220 volts 1560 watt hour 15.400 MWH net / year With 3 x 500 watt+ 3 x 20 watt Screw diameter 75 cmØ  Testing in the biesbosch 24 Volt dynamo about 9.5 km sailing speed 50.9 Amp calculated net / year 10,500 MWh. My name is Jan Helleman.   I am a Naval Architect.  For 25 years, I built 18-30 metre Corten steel yachts, cutters and motor-sailers. (see For 5 years, I worked on and developed a system to generate electricity from flowing seawater with good flow strength. Good flow strength is defined as at least 2.5m/second or 9.5 km/hour. The French Coast, the Channel Islands South and West England and, of course, Scotland all that good flow strength. The system consists of a specially developed screw that rotates in large screw tubes at low tide/flood.  It can work 20 hours per day, every day of the year. At the front and the rear of the screw tube, funnels are installed to accelerate the flow of seawater. After much experimentation, I found the right proportions.  The formula is V1xB1=V2xB2. The power of the screws is hydraulically fed to the generator on deck. I ran successful tests with the scale models with the following results:   October, 2016: 10 tests with the 75cm.ø screw delivered 1222 Watt/hour October, 2017 and June, 2018: 12 tests with the 85cm.ø screw delivered 1560 Watt/hour With these tests, we have proven economies of scale be stand true.  With a 30% larger screw, 30% more Watts of electricity were produced per hour.   The 1.40 meter ø screw will be tested in May, 2020.  This will provide further evidence for scaling up. New designs Diameters of the propellers:   8,00 meter ø   8,80 metre ø   9,50 metre ø The latest design has 24 screws and a diameter of ,7,10 metres.ø that will make a total of 18 screws from 8,80.   The calculated annual revenue for the 9,50 (approx) design is 19,000MWh per year het.This is with 14 screws and would serve about 5400 households!  The cost price is about €20,000,000 excl land connection. The biggest advantage of our Floating Tidal Power project are: 1) About half the price of the wind- mills. 2) Near constant power supply. 3) Electricity production 20 hours per day, 365 days per year. 4) Approximately 25 years lifetime. You are invited to view the designs and the funnels (with the screws) and to read, of course, the explanations. Telefoon 0031634631213 0034965894719 0634631213 energy from running water We do not use cookies and therefore we do not follow you.